TYPE & IMAGE: Travel Tales
TYPE & IMAGE: Travel Tales Part of an Imaginary Bookcover Series, this one featured sea travel. Fun fact: I scanned a wig I own and maniuplated it to use it for the ocean water. However, I'm terrified of sailing! It wigs me out...
Jax Pattern: Celliberation
Jax Pattern: Celliberation I loved looking through the microscope in Mr. Tibbets 5th grade science class, and these pattern images remind me of how much I enjoyed seeing that tiny world.
ILLUSTRATION: Animation Living in the light.
PATTERN:Pattern Pillow
PATTERN:Pattern Pillow I used my "Celliberation" pattern for this pillow which sits pretty on a chair I found in our neighborhood.
PET PATTERNS: Doggy day pattern. Woof
PET PATTERNS: Doggy day pattern. Woof Choose a pattern from the site or do get in touch if you want a custom puppy pattern! A portion of the proceeds from PET PATTERNS will go to animal rescue.
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Logos (unpublished)
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Logos (unpublished) I designed the NOCA neighborhood open studios logo with color options so as to quickly suggest seasons related to group events.
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Logo Two sisters wanted a logo for their bakery business that related to the unusual, but yummy, flavor pairings in their baked goods.
TYPE & IMAGE: Joe Val Poster (not published)
TYPE & IMAGE: Joe Val Poster (not published)
PATTERN PLAY: Fiesta Black & White
PATTERN PLAY: Fiesta Black & White Once I get a sketch gouping I like, I explore color and design options, and teach this in my Surface Sing workshops. This sketch became the basis for the Fiesta Pattern Collection, and a black and white version was used fo the patterned chair.
TYPE & IMAGE Float animation: the buoyancy of being.

Hi! I'm Jax.

I'm an illustrative designer, educator, and dedicated owner of two BIG fluffy dogs, doing business as studiojax. I enjoy making stuff, so if you would like me to make stuff for you do get in touch!  My services include custom pattern design and illustrative graphics for businesses and/or special events.


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